Jake and Micah

White Neko Lucky Cat

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When your cat needs his or her own special place to go for a little meditation or stretching, this Catnip Refillable Meditation Mat is just the thing! Fabric features Japanese inspired Maneki Neko Lucky Cat fabric in off-white accented with gold detail on one side and a complimentary multi print on the reverse.

100% cotton fabric and two layers of poly-fill medium loft batting.
Measures 16" square.
Catnip is refilled through opening along the bottom of the mat.
Includes a bag of premium organic catnip along with care instructions.

Cats instinctively go right to it for an evening of meditation in front of the TV or a quick cat nap. Place the mat on your bed, sofa or in front of a window. It's the perfect cat & cat hair magnet for places you would prefer not get covered in kitty hair. Is also great for small dogs too!