Jake and Micah
About Us

JakeJake & Micah combines a designer's love of animals, fondness for sewing and experience in fashion. Jake & Micah features the handmade creations of Los Angeles designer Mei Zaums. After obtaining a BFA in graphic design, Mei began a career in the fashion industry in New York City. In 2001 she moved to Southern California where she adopted a Siamese mix cat, Jake. A few years later Jake received a surprise, a younger brother Micah also a Siamese mix. Micah idolized Jake from the moment he met his older brother and from that point on they became inseparable and known as Jake & Micah.

Jake hails from Burbank, CA. He's an extremely vocal, highly intelligent Siamese with a mind of his own. Jake is responsible for quality control at J & M. In his free time, Jake enjoys napping in the sun, snacking on macaroons, drinking from the faucet, cuddling with his brother and sleeping-in with his mommy. Micah hails from Venice, CA. Extremely friendly, Micah is a cuddly love bug who enjoys meeting new people. Micah is responsible for shipping and receiving at J & M. In his free time, Micah enjoys, napping in the sun, sitting on laps, birdwatching, licking feet (ewww!), wrestling with his brother and giving excellent knead-style massage to any willing participant. *Micah passed away unexpectly on Oct. 30, 2008 due to feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The hole left in our hearts with his absence is one we'll feel for the rest of our lives. From our deepest sadness came some comfort despite missing Micah everyday. Micah's spirit helped us to open our hearts again and our feline family has grown to include Jonah our flop-eared seal point and Fionna our bengal princess. On Aug. 9, 2009 Jake the original inspiration for Jake & Micah succumbed to his 10 month battle with renal failure. My heart truly broke on that day. However a month later to the day, Jake sent us Micky a new love who has brought sunshine back into our lives again.

MikeThe idea for Jake & Micah began in 2007 when frustrated with the selection of cat products found in pet boutiques, Mei decided to design her own cat toys and accessories. The goal of Jake & Micah is to create products that are unique and fun but also safe from pesticides. All items are handcrafted with your pet's happiness in mind. We use only the freshest, sweetest certified organic catnip in all our toys. Your kitty will know the difference immediately. After much testing by Jake, Micah and their kitty family and friends, these products are now available for super lucky pets! We know you'll enjoy our products and know your pets will too!

Purrs and headbutts,
Mei, Jake & Micah