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Jake’s Test Results

The results of Jake’s latest blood test are back. The bad news is Jake’s Creatinine and BUN levels have gone back up to where they were back in Feb. We managed to get them down but they crept back up again over the past 3 months. The good news is that Jake’s other important levels are holding steady like RBC (not anemic) low phosphorus (normal) and normal T4 (not hyperthyroid)

So the immediate change in treatment will be to increase Jake’s Sub-Q fluids each day. We’ll monitor Jake’s behavior over the next 3 weeks then have him tested again to determine exactly how quickly his kidney’s are deteriorating. We are pretty surprised that Jake’s levels have gone up. His behavior is so much better than it was back at the end of Feb when his levels were lower. His doctor says this could indicate that the change has been gradual and that he’s learned to cope. His weight and appetite have been good. Hopefully he’ll hit a plateau in his decline for a few months. If they still manage to rise we can admit him for IV fluids and try to flush his system… but one step at a time. Hopefully the increase in Sub-Q fluids will help now.

This isn’t good news of course but I’m just happy that Jake is still enjoying life. As his doctor said today, “Jake’s a trooper.” I try not to imagine life without him and to focus on the here and now. Jake is here now and we love him.

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