Toys and Treats


Non-toxic and all natural, Double Tug Rope Toy is a great toy for your dog. Sold by Bambeco, this tug and toss rope toy is made from 100% recycled cotton, so you know that it is safe for your dog as well as our planet. This is not only a fun toy, it was made to keep your dog’s teeth clean as they play, and is also machine washable to keep it clean for your baby.Another toy is the Hurley which is a plastic bone shaped toy that comes in small, and large depending on the size of your dog. They come in different bright colors and are $11.00 for small, $15 for large.


They have dog treats called Good Dog Biscuits & Gravy Dog Treats that are made from scratch, all-natural, corn and wheat free, no preservatives, no fillers large size biscuits-$8.00 for one box. They also have Cat Nips for your cat called Organic Catnip leafs, no fillers or stems, all leafs, USDA certified all natural, you can get small or large-$4.00 & $6.00 per bag. Another great thing is for each toy you purchase at Bambeco, part of the money goes to support the group Canines for Veterans, which is a nonprofit that trains service dogs for injured veterans.

Puppia is popular brand which offers quality clothing, footwear, scarves, toys and other products for your best friends. The diversity of products for reasonable price wont leave your indifferent and you will definitely find something for your pet.

At Organic Pet Boutique, they have for puppies and dogs the West Paw Zisc which is an all organic and natural disc for your puppy to play with or your dog to fetch. These are great for throwing in the park and great play in the water. They are 6.5’’ in size and come in different colors; they are soft and durable to be easy on your dog’s mouth and even float. This great boutique offers puppia harness, a no choke harnesses for all puppies of all shapes and sizes.

Watch the WestPaw Zogoflex Zisc Product Test on YouTube


For cats and kittens, they have the cutest, stuff-less animals like Oscar the Tan Monkey, and Lolly the Pink Lamb that are stuffed with paper for both dogs and cats, made from organic plant dyes, and organic fabric. Your puppy or kitten will love these to play with and to snuggle up with to sleep – $9.99 apiece.